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Green Social Network & Green Dating Site

Welcome on GreenLovers, the first Green Social Network!
Meet new Green Friends or find your Green Love on GreenLovers!

Green Social Network & Vegan Dating Site

Green Social Network

Make new friends who share your love of nature, come for advice on how to become vegan or share your knowledge of permaculture on GreenLovers, the first Green Social Network!

Green Social Network & Green Dating Site

Green Dating Site

If you are looking for your green or vegan soul mate, you are also in the right place! GreenLovers is dedicated to friendly but also romantic relationships. You will be able to indicate on your profile if you are looking for your GreenLover or GreenFriends!

Green Social Network & Green Dating Site


GreenLovers share their experience

Such a green love!

In such a gray world, it's great to have found such a green love!

29, Paris

Themes that speak to me

Nice to have met such nice people, very nice website to go through. The themes often mentioned really speak to me, I was delighted to find such profiles.

63, Midi-Pyrénées

A very friendly site

It's really a very friendly dating site, thank you for this great experience.

44, Auvergne

Beautiful human relationships

Thank you, your site is really great. I don't know the others, but on GreenLovers, we can have beautiful human relationships, and it's already something huge.

37, Auvergne

Similar points of view

I dated someone at an organic fair after exchanging only one email on the site... It's nice to have similar points of view on ecology thanks to this kind of site, thanks to the whole team.

34, Paris

A zebra & veggie!

I found a zebra & veggie in the first shot and I have the gratitude to have known this site by chance a certain March 12th. Thank you for these very relevant questions that serve to view values compatibility!

43, PACA

Beautiful people registered

It's a nice site, with beautiful people registered. A good-natured site, friendly, a nice idea to bring people around certain values. Congrats.

44, Geneva

Everything happens!

I never had relationships arising from a virtual site... But everything happens! A relationship anchored in the foundations of our common values. Thank you for being the venue of this GreenLovers :-)

38, Languedoc-Roussillon

The perfect woman exists...

The perfect woman exists, I met her on GreenLovers!

39, Paris
Green Social Network & Vegan Dating Site

Did you know?

The term "Green-Lover" appeared in the United States to designate the emergence of a new style of singles who take into account the ecological criteria in the choice of their partner in love! If you too are looking for your vegan GreenLover, your zero waste soul mate or permaculturists GreenFriends, let's go for beautiful green-meets on GreenLovers!

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