Help & FAQ

How to register on GreenLovers?

Fill out the registration form on the homepage to create your profile. You will then receive a confirmation email to validate your registration. If you do not receive the confirmation email, check your junk mail and add GreenLovers to your contacts to receive our emails properly. If you do not receive the confirmation email, click on the link "Not received the verification email?" under the login button.

I can not manage to register

Fill out all the fields of the registration form on GreenLovers homepage. If a field is wrong, an error message will inform you of the problem. If the form appears to be not working properly, try updating your internet browser or using another browser to create your profile on GreenLovers.

I have not received the confirmation email

Check in your junk mail and add GreenLovers to your contacts to receive our emails properly. If you do not receive the confirmation email, click on the link "Not received the verification email?" under the login button.

Is registration free?

Registration on GreenLovers is free and gives you access to most features of the site. You can also become a Green-User by taking a subscription to support us and have unlimited access to all the features of GreenLovers. In addition, with your membership, Free users will be able to reply to your messages without limits!

How to cancel my registration?

To cancel your registration and delete your profile, simply log in and go to the section "My account / Delete my profile".

How to complete or edit my profile?

Go to the "My Page" section and click on the edit link to fill in the different sections of your profile. To return to viewing your profile, click on the link "Profile view" available at the top right of each section of the profile.

How to add photos to my profile?

Go to the "My page" section and click on your main photo or the photo modification icons. You can then select a photo to add to your profile. Do the same for your cover photo and gallery photos. You can also access all of your photos by clicking on the "Photos" tab from your profile page.

How to delete a photo from my profile?

To erase one of your photos, just click on it and you will see the "Delete" option.

I can not load my photo

Accepted formats are JPG, GIF and PNG and the maximum size is 5MB. If your photo exceeds the allowed size, try to reduce it by using an image editing software. If you still can not upload your photo, you can send it to us by email ( and we will add it to your profile. Do not forget to tell us the email address related to your profile on GreenLovers and tell us where you want us to load your photo (profile, cover or gallery).

How does the Green-Test work?

The Green-Test contains a series of questions that allow to know more about your personality and your vision of life. Your answers are then compared to the answers of the member of your choice based on the number of questions answered. The more identical answers you have with a member, the higher your compatibility rate. There are two levels of compatibility: the "Perfect Match" which compares the identical answers and the "Trend Match" which compares the almost identical answers. To access the results of the Green-Test, click on "See your compatibility" in the Green-Test block available on each profile.

Why my photo or profile are not yet validated?

We manually validate photos and new registrations. We strive to validate them in less than 24 hours, but it can happen exceptionally that this delay is a little longer ... just a little patience we come back as soon as possible ;)

Why was my photo declined?

For the main picture of your profile, only the photos on which you appear alone are allowed. Photos of group, landscape, object, etc are not allowed. These types of photos are allowed for the cover and gallery photos.

Comment annuler mon adhésion?

Pour annuler le renouvellement de ton adhésion, il te suffit de te rendre sur la page « Mon adhésion » et de cliquer sur le bouton « Annuler mon adhésion ». La prise en compte de l'annulation de ton adhésion est immédiate et peut se faire à tout moment.

Au bout de combien de temps puis-je annuler mon adhésion?

Tu peux annuler ton adhésion sur GreenLovers à tout moment, il n’y a pas de durée minimum d’adhésion. A la fin de ta période d'adhésion en cours, ton profil repassera en mode "non-adhérent" avec un accès limité à GreenLovers. Tant que tu n'annules pas ton adhésion, celle-ci sera renouvelée automatiquent tous les mois. Tu peux controler l'état de ton adhésion et sa date de renouvellement depuis la section « Mon adhésion ».

Comment accéder à mes listes de contacts

Pour voir et gérer tes listes de contacts, va dans la section « Mes contacts » accessible depuis le menu principal. Sur smartphone ou tablette, déploie le menu secondaire pour accéder aux sections « GreenFriends » et « GreenFlashs » en cliquant sur l’onglet avec une flèche qui apparait sur la gauche de l’écran sur la page « Mes contacts ».

Comment bloquer un membre

Pour empêcher un membre de te contacter, tu peux le bloquer en cliquant sur les 3 petits points en haut à droite de son profil puis en sélectionnant l’option « Bloquer ce membre ». Pour gérer ta Blacklist, va sur la page « Mes contacts » puis dans la section « Membres bloqués ». Sur smartphone ou tablette, déploie le menu secondaire pour accéder à la section « Membres bloqués » en cliquant sur l’onglet avec une flèche qui apparait sur la gauche de l’écran.

Comment publier du contenu sur le GreenWall

Pour publier une photo, une vidéo, un lien ou un événement, clique sur l’icône correspondant à chaque type de contenu sous le champ de rédaction du GreenWall. Si tu ne sélectionnes pas l’icône correspondant, ton contenu ne s’affichera pas correctement.

How to change my personal data?

To modify your personal data (email address, date of birth, postal code ...) go to the section "My account / My data".

How to change my password?

To change your password, go to the "My account / Change Password" section.

I forgot my password

To reset your password, click on "Forgot password" under the login button. You will receive by email a link to reset your password. If you have not received anything after a few minutes, check your junk mail and add Greenlovers to your contacts.

How to change my username?

To change your username, you can send us an email at and tell us the new username you want. We will make the change and send you a confirmation email once the change has been made. The unsername must contain between 5 and 12 characters, without spaces, accents or special characters.

How to choose the emails I want to receive?

You can change your email notification preferences from the "My account / Email notifications" section.

Why email addresses are erased in messages?

For security reasons, we advise you to never send your contact details to someone you have met on the internet. This is why email addresses are automatically detected and deleted in messages. We advise you to use the messaging platform available on GreenLovers to organize a meeting in person and then exchange your contact details during this meeting if you wish.

How to delete my personal data from GreenLovers?

When canceling your profile, your personal data is automatically deleted. If you wish to re-register one day, you will need to fill in the registration form on GreenLovers homepage.

Who can see my photos?

Only members registered on GreenLovers can see your photos. Your photos will never be displayed outside of GreenLovers members area, nor on the homepage nor on any other website.

How to spot a fake profile

Like all social networks and dating sites, we are faced with attempts of intrusion by fraudulent profiles that practice what is called "sentimental scaming". These are profiles that look more than perfect at first glance (a little too much to be true) and that seduce you in record time for the sole purpose of extracting money.

We try our best to prevent the presence of these fake profiles on the site by manual validation of each registration, but they are sometimes difficult to identify at first, so the help of our members is precious and we act immediately as soon as a profile is reported to us.

In any case, we strongly advise you to never share your contact details to a person you have just met on the internet, this is why email addresses are automatically detected and deleted in the messages. We recommend you to organize a meeting in person using the messaging platform on GreenLovers and then exchange your contact information during this meeting if you wish. Besides, a fraudulent profile will certainly never show up at a real meeting ...

But in general, the messages too good to be true from the first exchanges, the immediate transmission of a private email to communicate outside the platform, the sudden occurrence of a problem abroad requiring your support and financial help, pictures of perfect men or women (who are obviously usurped), are warning signals of potential fraud.

It's not about being alarmed or seeing the evil everywhere, but just staying alert and listening to your instinct. In any case, if you have any doubt about a user registered on GreenLovers, we invite you to use the function "Report to moderation" available on each profile.